The New Heart of New York

The West Side’s most popular gathering place, the Public Square and Gardens, is the heart of Hudson Yards. Between visits to The Shops & Restaurants, or to and from work, you’re bound to enjoy the expansive parks, gardens, and ample shaded outdoor seating. The square’s commanding centerpiece is designed by Heatherwick Studio; the monumental interactive design is meant to be climbed and explored.

The Smartest Park Ever Built

Most parks have trees and flowers and shade. Ours has jet engines. (And super-chilled roots, a forest of trees, and really smart soil.) That’s because Hudson Yards is an engineering marvel -- a park unlike any other in New York -- built for year-round enjoyment, with sustainability in mind to last the ages.

Learn more -- download: Infographic: The Smartest Park in Town (PDF) 

Photo of aerial Public square and gardens

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